Trade Bots: A Technical Analysis Simulation Free Download is a method gameplay developed and published by E – Studio Llc. It was made available for Pc and Mac in 2021. The sport simulates the financial world and enables players to test out buying tactics in a secure, monitored setting.

  • Trade Bots: A Technical Analysis Simulation Free Download Pc
    • Trade Bots: A Technical Analysis Simulation
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The game is designed to be educational and teaches players the fundamentals of technological analysis, a well-known method of analyzing financial marketplaces. Technical study involves using charts and other tools to identify patterns in market statistics and forecast future business activities.

Trade Bots: A Technical Analysis Simulation Free Download Pc

In Trade Bots, people take on the role of a businessman in a simulated economic business. They may apply their skills and knowledge of complex examination to make prosperous trades and sprout their investment. The game features a variety of goods to trade, including equities, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

The show’s pictures are presented in a simple style, with straightforward charts and graphs displaying business information. The tournament’s interface is easy to navigate and provides participants with all the information they need to make educated buying selections.

One of the show’s important features is its Ai – powered business algorithms. These algorithms analyze market data and make trading selections using sophisticated techniques. Players can use these machines to automatise their deals and potentially increase their profits.

Trade Bots: A Technical Analysis Simulation

The game also includes a variety of educational resources, including lectures and content on professional examination. These tools are made to assist people in honing their abilities and increasing their trading success.

Overall, Trade Bots: A Technical Analysis Simulation is a great choice for people engaged in financing and dealing. Its informative rely and believable model of financial markets make it a beneficial tool for people looking to improve their trading skills.


    Practical economical model: The gameplay simulates a realistic financial marketplace, allowing players to experiment with trading strategies in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Technical study equipment: The game includes a variety of technical analysis tools, including charts and graphs, to enable players detect sector patterns and make educated trading decisions.
  • Intelligence – powered deal bots: The show’s trade bots use complex algorithms to analyze business data and make trading decisions. These machines can be used by participants to automate their investments and possibly boost their profits.
  • Academic assets: The match includes a variety of education solutions, including lessons and articles on complex research, to help people improve their skills and become more prosperous dealers.
  • Variety of assets: Stocks, securities, and cryptocurrencies are just a few of the assets that can be traded in the game.
  • Minimalist graphics: The tournament’s graphics are presented in a minimalist type, with simple charts and graphs displaying marketplace data.
  • Simple – to – explore interface: The tournament’s interface is easy to navigate and provides players with all the information they need to make informed buying decisions.
  • Personalized buying strategies: Players does alter their trading tactics to suit their preferences and level of risk tolerance.

Program demands

    Operating system: Windows 7 or newer, or Mac Os X 10.9 or new

  • Computer: Intel Core i3 or Amd equal
  • 4 Gb of ram
  • Design: Intel hd graphics 4000 or better
  • Backup: 500 Mb available area