An future puzzle-platformer match called Teslagrad 2 Torrent Free Download was created and released by Rain Games, the company that made the first version of the game. The game is a movie to the critically acclaimed Teslagrad and promises to expand upon the dynamics and earth of the first activity while introducing new challenges and puzzles. Teslagrad 2 is set to release on multiple platforms, including Pc, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Tech and magic are intertwined in the world where the activity is set. Participants take on the role of a younger lady named Tesea, who is on a quest to discover the secrets of the ancient society of the Teslamancers. Along the way, she must employ her abilities to manipulate electromagnetic fields to remedy puzzles and conquer obstacles.

Teslagrad 2 Stream + Crack Free Obtain Computer

One of the important characteristics of Teslagrad 2 Crack Download is its special play mechanism. The game builds upon the teaser – platformer formula of the original Teslagrad by introducing new skills and issues. Gamers likely employ their powers to manage through a variety of degrees, each with its own cast of mysteries and obstacles. The show’s puzzles will require players to use their logic and quick thinking to manipulate magnetic fields in order to growth.

In addition to its distinctive game mechanics, Teslagrad 2 Torrent Download likewise boasts a captivating story. The show’s world is wealthy with mythology and story, and participants will discover the mysteries of the Teslamancers as they progress through the game. The story is told through side – drawn sequences and in – gameplay dialog, creating a fully immersive experience for participants.

Another important aspect of Teslagrad 2 Free is its beautiful imagery. The sport features hand – drawn pictures with a vibrant hue pallet, bringing the world of Teslagrad 2 to existence. The surroundings in the game are exquisitely created, fusing historical remains with cutting-edge technologies.
The character designs are even impressive, with Tesea and other personalities boasting distinctive designs and animations.

Download the full sport Teslagrad 2

Free Download Teslagrad 2 likewise promises to offer a high level of replayability. The activity features many pathways through each stage, allowing players to choose their own journey and explore new secrets and challenges. Also, the game includes souvenirs and hidden products that players may learn. Adding an extra coating of issue and breadth to the gameplay.

Overall, Teslagrad 2 looks to be an exciting and special riddle – platformer game that expands upon the mechanism and earth of the authentic Teslagrad. With its distinctive game technicians, captivating storyline, magnificent visuals. And higher levels of replayability, the activity is sure to appeal to fans of teaser – platformers and indie games alike. Keep an eye out for its launch on diverse platforms.


    The ability god of stickman v1 mod apk to change magnetic fields is the tournament’s fundamental mechanic. This allows players to proceed materials, unlock models, and fix puzzles in innovative ways.

  • Multiple pathways: Each amount in Teslagrad 2 Download Macos has several paths that players can take, allowing for diverse approaches and strategies.
  • Hidden collectibles: The sport features hidden souvenirs that players you discover, adding an extra layer of problem and replayability.
  • Rich plot: The tournament’s world is filled with lore and past, and gamers will discover the secrets of the Teslamancers as they progress through the match.
  • Hand-drawn design: The world of Teslagrad 2 is brought to life by the gorgeous hand-draw pictures in the game, which have a vibrant color scheme.
  • Challenging puzzles: The tournament’s puzzles are designed to be difficult and require creative trouble – solving skills to fix.
  • Replayability: The game’s several roads, hidden collectibles, and challenging puzzles make it highly replayable.
  • Character flexibility: Gamers can customize Tesea’s abilities and appearance by unlocking new items and upgrades.
  • Non-linear game: The game’s levels are made to let players explore and discover at their own rate, without being constrained by a set path.
  • Boss battles: The game features incredible manager battles against effective foes that require people to use all of their skills and abilities to beat.

System criteria


  • System: Windows 7 or newer, macos 10.10 or modern, or Linux( 64 – bit )
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Amd Athlon 64 X2 or newer
  • Memory: 2 Megs Ram
  • Visuals: Nvidia Geforce 7600gt, Ati Radeon X1800, Intel Hd 3000, or better
  • Storeroom: 2 Gb available room


  • Os: Windows 10 or modern, mac 10.15 or newer, or Macos( 64 – bit )
  • Mainframe: Intel Base i5 or Cpu Currency – 6300 or newer
  • Memory: 4 Gb Memory
  • Visuals: Nvidia Geforce Gtx 660, Amd Radeon Hd 7870, or better
  • Storeroom: 2 Gibibyte attainable place