Quant Torrent Free Download is a issue game developed by Eric Farmer and published by Bulkypix. The activity was released in 2012 for ios and android devices. People in Quant are required to manipulate geometric shapes in order to solve puzzles and produce particular habits. The activity features simple graphics and a relaxing music, creating a special and engaging puzzle experience.

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In Quant Crack Download revolves around manipulating mathematical forms to generate precise styles. Each issue in the game, which is played on a grid, gives the players an assortment of shapes as well as the objective pattern. Athletes must manipulate the shapes to match the goal design, using a variety of tools and techniques.

One of the crucial features of Quant is its minimalistic design. The tournament’s images are simple and clear, with subdued colors and simple styles. Participants can concentrate on the puzzle mechanics and challenges thanks to this style decision without getting sidetracked by needless visual elements.

Another standout have of Quant is its relaxing soundtrack. The game features a relaxing, atmospheric music that enhances the game’s simple pattern and creates a calming environment. This soundtrack is a vital part of the game’s total experience, and helps to make the game think unique and unforgettable.

Quant Download Full Game

Quant Download Latest Version are difficult and diverse, with a wide range of complexity levels and riddle types. While some mysteries call for people to walk styles around a grid in order to achieve particular objectives, others call in player manipulation of shapes to produce particular patterns. The match also features reward levels, which offer additional challenges and rewards for competent players.

In addition to its base riddle gameplay, Quant furthermore features a number of further types and characteristics. These include a moment demo method, which challenges players to perfect puzzles as quickly as possible.
And a acid mode, which allows players to relax and play the sport without any occasion limits or force. The game also includes a global ranking, allowing participants to evaluate their results and accomplishments with different players around the world.

Quant Torrent Download Free is a unique and interesting puzzler gameplay that offers a minimalist architecture, comforting soundtrack, and challenging game. Its simple but effective dynamics make it a fantastic choice for people who enjoy puzzle matches. While its variety of modes and functions ensure that there is always something innovative and interesting to discover. If you’re looking for a relaxing, engaging teaser game that will issue your brain and help you calm, Quant is certainly worth checking out.


    Minimalist Design: Quant Download For glass features a minimalist style that allows players to focus on the puzzles without being distracted by unnecessary aesthetic elements. The show’s images are simple and clean, with subdued tones and basic designs.

  • Challenging Puzzles: The tournament’s puzzles are complex and difficult, with a range of problems levels and riddle types. Some puzzles require people to manipulate forms to make distinct patterns. While people require players to walk shapes around a generator to achieve a certain goal.
  • Soothing Soundtrack: Free Quant Download features a relaxing, external music that enhances the game’s minimalist layout and creates a calming ambiance. The game’s nevertheless encounter depends heavily on the soundtrack, which contributes to its distinctive and memorable feel.
  • Variety of modes and Features: In addition to its base riddle game, Quant furthermore features a variety of further settings and features. These include a time trial method, a acid style, and a global scoreboard.
  • Touchscreen Controls: The match is designed to be played using touchscreen handles, making remo repair psd with crack it easy and intuitive to sing on cellular equipment.
  • Replay Value: With a wide range of difficulty levels and riddle types, as well as prize levels and additional modes, Quant offers lots of rematch benefit for players who enjoy issue games.

Structure specifications


  • ipad 8.0 or afterwards
  • iphone, ipad, and ipod feel compatibility
  • requires a 64-bit cpu
  • Size: 48.9 Kb


  • Iphone 4.0.3 or higher
  • Requires 1 Gb of ram
  • Size: 17 Mebibyte